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We have three ideas – please see below (1.coming together,2.learning from each other or 3.sports)




Ideas ofthe Thematic Focus

• We – You – Together
To give young people the opportunity to learn about the living environments from other cultures. Which special features this Country or this Areas has. Maybe what kind of traditions the people have over there and which special Living- and Experience locations the young people have. When it is possible it would be nice to see some sightseeing objects of this area.
– To raise the language skills
– Support the willingness to learn about different cultures and maybe confront the teens to think about what is their own culture or traditions
– Win some insights in foreign living habits
– Decrease stereotypes and raise the tolerance for foreign things and something new in their life’s

• Leave a mark or leaving traces

– Raise the language skills
– Realization of a construction that they build together
– Create a long lasting Memory in something that they build together

• Sport has no borders
Physical activitieshelps to increase the understanding and interest of other cultures. Through the activities the teens get to know each other faster and it is probably easier to make friends.

– Increase the language skills
– Building up international friendships through the physical activities (Canoeing, Volleyball, Climbing)


We are the main address for children and teenagers since 30 years. The youth center is hosted in a big mansion with a big garden around the mansion. Our focus of work is that young people have a useful free time and alsoopportunities to do some interesting activities after school. In our Jugendzentrum „UFO“is the main age ofthe Kids between 10 and 21 years. Especially children of social weak Family’s come to our youth center. Our slogan is „FROM THE YOUTH _ FOR THE YOUTH“. They can use in our Mansion a lot of things for example Billiard, Dart, Playstation, WII, Computer games or just the Computer to surf in the Internet and we have also a lot of Board Games. Further we have a Fitness room, a Pottery Room, a Stitching or Sewing Room and also a Romping Room. Since many years the association also does a summer camp and many other adventures Stuff in the holidays.

2. Target Group
– Teens of the age 13 till 16 of both genders
– The main Focus are Children, who had less opportunities the learn about different countries and/ or different cultures

3. The scheduled time for the young people’s meeting
Planning phase: January 2022 – September 2022
– Searching of the perfect partner
– Recording of ideas and performances
– First steps of knowing possible Partners
– Application and preparation meeting

Preparation phase: September 2022 – June 2023

– Preparation meeting and Planning
– Implementation of the preparation meeting / get to know each other
– Collect and focus the expectations from both partners

Implementation period:
July 2023 – October 2023
(Maybe in the summer holidays or autumn Holidays)

Special wishes

We offer:
• Lodging in Tents in the Garden of our big Mansion with many great Opportunities as an Host Location
• Many space to get to know each other, place for romping, a place to build something and to have a lot of fun together
• An open minded Team, many curious and adventurous teenagers they are excitedabout to get to know new things and new interesting people

We search:
• An flexible exchange Partner, who has maybe the same interests like we are
• Who works also with their whole heart and soul with teenagers like we do
• Somebody who has an similar profile of offers like we have
• It would be nice if the exchange partner also interested in a long lasting relationship like we are

We would need a teamer and a translator for the exchange.

Mein rechtlicher Status:


Alter der Teilnehmenden:

12-15 Jahre








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