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We are looking for similar, IT focused, schools in Germany


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31 LO is the only high school with programming and game development in the educational offer. We do our best to educate students in a modern way and we do it with the support from Jagiellonian University and Krakow Technology Park. We cooperate closely with IT companies, game development studios, graphic design studios and others to provide students with practical skills and up to date knowledge. Working in projects with mentorship from our partnering companies allows students to develop their skills, gain experience and be ready to spread their wings the moment they graduate.
Our Goal: we aim to produce graduates who will do great in an ever-changing reality. We want to inspire students to:
● learn and develop on their own
● be creative and think critically
● cooperate and complete projects
Working to realize the educational program of a high school we focus on applying a modern approach to education. We realize that challenges that people will face in 10 years have not yet been dreamt of.
How do we do that? Through partnering with IT companies, game dev studios, educational institutions and other
businesses we manage to provide students with workshops that will develop both their hard and soft skills (software development, game development, graphic design, teamwork,
communication, project management, entrepreneurship)
We aim high but remain realistic. Our goals are meaningful and we verify and modify them accordingly. We organize and complete educational projects to allow students to learn through them. The school is run in a modern way in a business-like manner through tools such as management 3.0 or Kanban.
We would like to work with similar schools in Germany. We would like to organize an exchange of students and teachers. We are open to collaboration online and are looking forward to many years of working together.

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31 Liceum Ogólnokształcące
31-481 Kazimierza Odnowiciela 2

Ansprechpartner: Aleksandra Karasiewicz
Tel.: 0048 603 287 764