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Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are a municipal volleyball sports club Silesia Volley Mysłowice.

We want to provide our group of students with new experiences and opportunities to expand their competences. International exchanges are a great opportunity for cultural and language exchange as well as integration with students of other schools/cities/countries. In our sports club, we also took the initiative to help children from Ukraine – a country affected by war.

We would like to know the details of the possibility of establishing cooperation with great interest. Our municipal sports club „Silesia“ has been specializing in popularizing volleyball among students and older years for years. We professionally prepare players for competition in inter-club, inter-school, provincial and national areas. We have teams: II liga SV, Juniors, Juniors, Minivolleyball of fours and twos, as well as Paravolley Silesia (a team created for disabled people passionate about volleyball to counteract discrimination and create conditions for safe and professional sitting volleyball). Our sports club is actively involved in organizing sports events and disseminating them among all youth in the city and its vicinity. We run the Youth Masters of Sport project – it aims to conduct free general development classes and volleyball specialization, which will be carried out in school facilities and Sports Centers for grades 1-6 of primary schools, divided into age groups. In the project, we cooperate with willing schools in the area (including Mysłowice, Katowice, Imielin) offering them:

Activities for children at the school 3 hours/week,

-Free sports equipment for the project participant,

-Free medical consultations / examinations for participating children,

-Free dietary consultations and a nutrition plan for a young athlete,

– Tournaments – competition between children in the project (2 Opening and Final Tournaments with prizes for all participants),

-Free t-shirts, backpacks, certificates for a child who completes the project,

-Lots of fun and nice sports time.

In the near future, we also plan to organize volleyball competitions for the following groups: U-13, U-15 and U-17. If you know schools/youth groups that are willing to participate in volleyball competitions of the above age categories, we will also be happy to undertake this project.

We express great interest in cooperation, youth cultural exchanges or any projects on your part.

Silesia Volley Myslowice

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